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Every subject known to man can be found on a postcard


Webfooters Post Card Club



 Find a piece of history with us. . .

      November 19, 2016 from 9 am to 3:00 pm

        at the Russellville Grange

          12105 NE Prescott St in Portland

          Annual Meeting

          Election of 2017 Officers

          Historical Presentation by Don Nelson

          The Sons of Slabtown & Tales of Westside Sports

The Webfooters Post Card Club, a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization, was formed in Portland, Oregon in 1966 to bring together people who have an interest in one of the most unique hobbies in the world. Postcard collecting encompasses so many different and diverse interests that our club’s official motto is “Every subject known to man can be found on a post card.”

Even the seasoned collector can experience that thrill or feeling of fulfillment when they find that card they have been looking for or if they find a card they never knew existed. By joining the Webfooters, you can discover history and open up a whole new world of educational opportunities while expanding your post card collection.

Many of our members are postal historians who have collected post cards for a number of years and their experiences can help familiarize you with some of the many millions of cards that were published. They can also suggest methods for handling and caring for post cards.

Members can learn how to date post cards to determine when they were made, and learn new techniques for safely storing them. Probably the most exciting reason to attend meetings is that you will have the opportunity to search for and add cards to your collection.

Come and discover a piece of history with us, you never know what treasures you will find. Our meetings are open to the general public, anyone is welcome to visit and join us for lunch. We meet 9 months of the year at Russellville Grange.

Meetings are held the third Saturday of the month from 10 to 2:00 at the Russellville Grange, 12105 NE Prescott Street. (Except April, June and October).

The Webfooter Newsletter, which keeps members up-to-date on the latest activities, is published monthly.


Last updated 11-16-16

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